Current Essential Android Applications

There have been many times when I wished a feature existed in a phone. Along came Android OS and made that possible, and because of it, many developers are out there making our dreams come true. Here are some of the applications which have made a huge difference in my life.

Shush! Ringtone Restorer


There have been many times when I forgot to raise my ringtone volume after silencing it. This applications makes that problem go away! You can set how long you want the ringer to be off, and it will be also allow you to adjust how loud you want the volume to be when it is restored. Such a great app, and it is free.



(The screenshot is in Korean but I assure you it does work in English. I do not know if it will work with Arabic or not, it could.)

If you live in Kuwait you know how annoying SMS advertisements can be. This application will allow you to filter and delete unwanted SMS messages. It is very easy to use and has proven to be quite effective. This application is also free.

With time I’m sure the list will grow and as the list grows I’ll be sure to these types of posts coming. As for now, enjoy the power of Android.

Multilingual Gingerbread Keyboard

In an effort to get my phone to support Arabic fully, I’ve been searching hard for a way to get Arabic supported on my AuraxTSense v8.4 installed on my HTC Desire. I have recently managed to get Arabic to fully work on my Android phone without any glitches.

The only thing missing was being able to type in Arabic. After a very short search I found MultiLing Gingerbread keyboard on the Android Market! I downloaded it, installed it and it worked. I had to download the plugin for English and Arabic language but in the end everything works great and as expected.

Full Arabic Support (RTL) on AuraxTSense 8.4 on HTC Desire w/ Data2SD

Edit: 3/4/2011 There is an improved Arabic support file, the link has been update. Also after flashing it, and rebooting, the screen may be black for quite some time. Just wait for it, and it should start working again.

Only recently have I gotten the guts to root my HTC Desire and play around with it. It was working fine before, but what really pushed me root it was the internal memory issue. What is this internal memory issue you may ask, well the lovely (insert sarcasm here) people at HTC decided to make the internal flash 512 MB in size. What happened was it filled up very quickly!

With about 15 MB left I started getting error messages that my disk space was low. I would eventually uninstall applications, and remove e-mail accounts and such to free up memory because as soon as it starts giving me the low disk space error message it doesn’t sync anymore!

Something had to be done, and the first thing to do was to root the phone!

I researched and found the perfect hassle-free method to root the phone. One word: Unrevoked. I went to the website chose my phone and started the rooting process. I of course backed up my device and sdcard, multiple times, with different backup software too. I gave it a go and it worked, flawlessly.

Now that the phone was rooted, clockworkmod recovery was installed. You can boot into clockworkmod and do multiple things such as backup and restore, install a ROM or another zip file to your system, and a bunch of other things as well. The backup option with clockworkmod is something you should always do before you install any sort of flash or ROM or zip. Trust me, there have been many times when I found it more than useful and it helped me recover my data very nicely.

The next thing I did was look for a ROM to install and try to fix this low storage issue. After a lot of online research I found AuraxTSense, I followed the link, downloaded the zip file and followed the steps. The first time I forgot to wipe everything so it hung on me, did it again but with a wipe and factory reset and it worked great.  It originally just comes with APP2SD and it helped with the storage issue a little, but soon enough the problem persisted! I was getting annoyed, very annoyed! I decided I needed a better solution.

That’s when I discovered DATA2SD. The first posts I found talked about how it was still in beta and not very stable, but after a lot of research I found that Starburst ROM was releasing a very stable version of it, so I gave it a shot. Long story short, it worked great but I had an issue with restoring my data and so I went back to AuraxTSense and I was determined to get DATA2SD to work on the AuraxTSense! After countless searching I found the thread on DATA2SD on the XDA developer forums which after following the instructions also worked perfectly!

I was happy. I had a lot of internal storage now and I was not having any major issues. However, one issue was still there, it was always there and I since I’ve come this far why not continue and find a solution for the Arabic font not being connected and not being RTL. I searched quite a bit and tried some solutions out there and some of them didn’t really work, until I finally found a solution on an Arabic forum. You have to register to download the file but here is the link for the Arabic support for AuraxTSense 8.4.

The whole process of getting all this to work took me about a few weeks but I’m finally done and everything seems to be working really well. I don’t develop any of these applications so I can’t really answer complicated questions but if you happen to have any about how I did something or want to know more about my experience then ask away.

If you are here just to know how to do get this all done, click each of the four links above and follow the instructions.