Rise from the Ashes

I have been having this thought on my mind for a while and couldn’t simply share it on my Twitter (@nalhilal) since it will be more than 240 characters.

The idea of the Phoenix has intrigued me for a very long time. The mythical creature that dies by internal combustion and turns into ash only to be born again from those same ashes.

The phoenix symbolizes renewal. In a sense, we can say that our spirit can be like the phoenix. It can die and be born anew within us. This of course is different than the traditional resurrection or reincarnation. This concept is more of a rebirth of the mind.

I do believe that we can develop and learn however, is it all accumulated, or do we lose something when we gain something new? When we move on, do we let go of somethings, or do we keep everything and just keep building on what and who we are? There may be answers out there, maybe even scientific answers that have studies on how the mind develops and how it learns. Although, what matters here is the concept itself, of being born again, or being renewed into something similar but maybe better.

This has been on my mind recently because of what I have been experiencing lately. Pursuing what we want in life is directly related to our ability to pursue it. We become capable of pursuing what we want when we develop ourselves in a way that gives us the knowledge, strength, and mental ability to follow our goals and achieve them. Sure, we do build on our knowledge, however this does not mean that we remain the same as we once were.

Herein comes the idea of the Phoenix. When the time is right, it dies, but it is born again from within its own ashes. So even when you feel like you’re at the end or when there is no exit or hope, believe in your own rebirth and be born again into the person you wish to become.