A Moment – Rain

It starts with an audible “tick”. You think nothing of it, engrossed in your task. You hear another “tick”. This time it sounds different, yet the same. As your thoughts assemble, your thought process is disturbed again and this time you hear these ticks faster. Before you look to see what is happening, you already sense that relaxed feeling in your chest.

It is raining.

It is that feeling of joy you feel, your young heart wants to go out and run around in the rain. Yet, you smile to yourself just imagining that thought and knowing that you so very well could do so. You think you probably shouldn’t get yourself wet, but seeing those drops of water falling from the sky are inviting.

You hesitate for just a moment, just enough to clear your mind and then you rush in. You close your eyes, with a faint smile drawn you lift your head ever so slightly, just enough for the water drops to glide across your face. Your smile widens, and how your heart starts to beat a little faster since your excitement has grown.

Eyes still closed. Raindrops caressing your face. You think of nothing, but of the water as it drops on your face, on your eyelids, your cheek, your forehead, your lips, and then your smile widens and you taste that raindrop. Your chest is swelling with emotion and you start to chuckle to yourself.

This is it. Pure happiness.