What’s your work ritual?

I have a huge writing task ahead of me. Actually, not one huge writing task, it seems most of my current major tasks are all writing related. You’d think since I’m writing here, I’d like to write there, but not really. This is my warm up, sort of.

Ever notice, that we used to be able to write so much before, but the more we get older, the less we want to write, the less we want to think, and definitely the less we want to hear. What do you do when you have several huge tasks ahead of you? What’s your routine?

There are those who love to go to cafes. They take their stuff, order their double shot espresso, or triple ice-shaken vanilla toffee Spanish late (whatever works), and they chill out with headphones and get to work. Then there are those that work at home have their own space and their own thing. I can’t imagine another scenario here. What rituals can there be?


On a side note, I realized that sarcasm doesn’t get through too well online.