Renew, update, and upgrade

Ever known someone for quite a while, then lost touch and got back in touch with them only to find out that they haven’t changed at all, for better or for worse? That’s happened to me a few times, and I guess its happened to some who have known me as well. In fact, when I see someone whom I haven’t seen for a while, when I see that they haven’t changed I feel like I’m the one who’s changed. This sparks thoughts like, “maybe they’ve changed but revert to their previous self because they feel more like how they used to be at the time.”

Yeah, I agree, this is a very intense topic way early in the morning and it got me thinking. I for one take steps to improve myself, my communication, my interactions, to make the lives of those who are closest to me and those I care about better. I’m definitely not the same person I used to be a year ago for example, yet I try to be genuine to myself and to others. Like principles, that I see have been lost by many.

What I want to get across is, you can always improve yourself. You can always make yourself better. You can always keep moving in a positive direction. A key and I believe is the most important thing is not to lose yourself or who you are during this whole process. Changing for the better does not mean being someone else, but being the best version of yourself.