Spacing OUT


I’ll admit it. I’ve been very detached recently, in almost everything and every aspect of my life. You know when you sometimes pause. Just pause, either to think, take a breath, distract yourself, or even just rest. I believe I’ve been excessively pausing, to the point where things are quite scattered (whatever that means). But hey, at least it is something.

If you’re like me, you probably question almost everything. You question yourself, your actions, things around you, people, their actions, interactions of the world, well everything. After a while you think to yourself, that you’ve thought too much, and try to get back to whatever it is that you were doing, say entering your pin at the beeping ATM machine while a hoard of people are getting impatient with you’re moment of spacing out.

Getting things back together and aligning them and working on them one by one isn’t an easy thing to do. It can be done, with some focus and some persistent determination, it can be done.

Stay positive, and persevere.

All the best,



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