Building Momentum – Never Give Up

There is a law in physics that states every mass in motion stays in motion unless a force is applied to it etc (clearly I don’t feel like explaining so much). The point I want to make here is, anything that is at a standstill can move very fast in a specific direction, but it needs either continuous or increasing force in a specific direction.

Way too much theory if you ask me.

If I’m in a stage in my life, where things are mundane, and I want them moving in a specific direction, where I’d want them to reach a specific target, I need to move in that direction. Moving means changing my state and possibly the states of the external forces around me that may keep me at my place.

Break free.

Move forward.

Don’t look back.

Stay positive.

Never stop.

Never give up.

Always always always keep moving.

Once you’re able to keep that momentum, keep that motion and force, the more determination, the more resilience you will build.

One last piece of advice, for myself, for you, and everyone on such a journey is…

…as you move, in the path you want to be in, to the destination you want to be at, accumulate as much positivity as you can. Never stop accumulating positivity, you never know when you may need it.

~ N.