That moment you feel it brushing against your skin. Light and gentle. Like the lightest fabric softly falling taking the form on which it falls. Your eyes closed. You don’t see. You anticipate. Your feelings rise as if the gentle breeze is from within. And then it comes, that feeling. At that instant, that moment where your skin feels the first particles of air gliding over it, the rising feeling swells up inside you to completeness. That feeling of heightened calm, not too excited, but comforted since what you have been waiting for has finally happened. That gentle flutter against your skin continues. As it continues, the swelling feelings settle at that state, and now instead of growing, the feeling completes. It reaches a state of fulfillment. You can’t help but smile. You can’t explain it, but you can feel it. What it made you feel. You want it to be a part of you, you want to take it in, you take a deep breath gently inviting all those particles of air into you. You feel it filling you up. Now that feeling is complete, you elevate it.

Finally, you open your eyes.