Express beyond Words

You feel it sometimes? Your self filling up with a feeling so exhilarating and elating you feel light and focused. You wonder what it is that caused it, whether you are able to figure that out or not, you decide you want to do something to make the feeling stick there, right there, at that level it is at the moment. So you engage in an activity whatever it may be that you are sure will keep you there, up there. You impress yourself there is a hint of a smile there too. You praise yourself at the decision of taking action, that step forward that you know will be perfect for how you are currently feeling.

You may reach the point where you realise how important it is what it is you’re doing. You feel that it is destiny that you are doing it. This is how it is meant to be. Your path shines ahead of you. You see the path light up and you feel it inviting you to take a stroll, to take action, forward, pushing you to your destiny.

All this of course while maintaining that feeling. The one where you feel that not only are you in a peaceful place, but that you are actively enjoying this peace and making something worthy out of it. It doesn’t have to be something complicated but something simple that hits the right spots as you move along in your journey of adventure within the confines of your peacefulness.

The key here? Focus. The truth is focus is the key to many things, however here, focus enables a true and more complete consumption of the peacefulness state. It reenergises and restores at times a sense of self that gets lost in everyday actions and engagements.