Revisiting Decisions

It hits you sometimes when you realize that the decision you made might not have been the best when the outcome you expected is not what you are getting. What would you do then? Sometimes you’d accept it and just live with the outcome you got. Other times you’d complain and show your disappointment with the outcome. Other times you’d try to maybe do something about it, to fix whatever it is that has happened.

I believe sometimes, what you really need to do is visit the core of the issue, try again, from the roots and by any means try again and then maybe get the original expected outcome. This doesn’t work with everything. Some things in life are a one time opportunity. But even then, can nothing be done to fix whatever it is that has been done? Do we just live with the consequences and the disappointing outcome and just hope for the best next time? Or do we revolt against it and do the unexpected, the impossible, the unprecedented to reach whatever outcome we wished for in the beginning?

When is the time to actually stop trying to change things that do not seem changeable? Or is there never a time to stop? Should we do what we can to make things work around what decisions we made? Some may say just move on and don’t dwell on the past. Some say just move forward and don’t look back, change your course in the direction you want and just try again with something else. Some may say that you did your best and going back will just be wasting time.

What do I believe? I’m a strong believer in trying again and doing it maybe a little differently to get the right outcome the next time around. Whether I do decide to do that requires tons of thinking on my part. I’d most likely only try again after studying the issue from the beginning, not in a very systemic way though but in quite a very chaotic type thought process. Scattered thoughts, scattered emotions, and scattered actions. I’d hope for the best, and if I do get a satisfying outcome then I’d be pleased with myself.