The Information Society

I am a large advocate of having free information available to the public. This information may be useful; it could influence change by allowing new ideas to be created, it could help someone in a situation where any extra piece of information would assist them in making the right decision, it could also influence creativity. If we examine closely, we can see that the availability of new information can possibly change the situation. This concept does not only apply to the current information age, but this is, in my opinion, the basis of the creation of knowledge.

If we consider the pieces of information at any given point to be an x number of toothpicks. We can create only a limited amount of shapes and structures with these toothpicks. If we then add one more toothpick, then the amount of structures possible would likely to increase. I’m sure there is some mathematical formula to determine such values, however with information it might not be exactly the same but it could be quite similar. This makes me wonder how society, as a whole, and since ancient times has always been an Information Society; increasing the value of x with time.