Evernote – Remember Everything

evernote If you’re like me, then you love taking notes. I write down on paper, notebooks, notes on my phone, emails to myself, text files, Google documents, and nearly any place I can write.

Evernote has made it easier for me to take notes and finally get them organized! I can write notes now in one place, online and offline and be able to sync them and access them from my Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX machines. The very cool thing that really makes their services distinct is that if you add images to your notes, or take pictures as notes, the image is processed through OCR! Which means when you search you can also search through the images!

You can see a screencast demo on their web site and you can sign up as well! The service is free up to 40mb of monthly bandwidth, but you can also upgrade your account if you need to!

Link: http://www.evernote.com/